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Hip Fracture Summit 2022

This important and timely conference will focus on improving care for hip fracture patients - learning from the NHFD findings and October 2021 report and improving progress against the NICE quality standard for hip fracture. Back

Hip Fracture Summit

Through national updates and practical case studies the conference will highlight best practice in hip fracture care, improving the care pathway and outcomes. The conference will focus on:

  • improving assessment
  • minimising delays to theatre
  • improving the pathway from falls to theatre
  • changing the role of the emergency department
  • ensuring hip fracture patients are prioritised for surgery
  • overcoming contra indications
  • improving the anaesthetic and surgical pathway
  • ensuring prompt mobilisation after surgery

There is a focus on managing hip fracture in Covid positive patients. The October 2021 NHFD report found that 30-day mortality was three times higher for patients with Covid-19 than seen in those without the infection. There is also a focus on secondary hip fracture prevention.

Further information available here or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk. 

Follow the conference on Twitter: @HCUK_Clare #HipFracture2022

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