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Dr Lindsay Hudman

Council Member

Dr Lindsay Hudman

Consultant Anaesthetist, Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the New Stobhill Hospital.

Dr Lindsay Hudman has been a Consultant Anaesthetist in Glasgow, working across Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the New Stobhill Hospital, since 2015. She has been the Anaesthetic lead for the local Arthroplasty ERAS Multidisciplinary group since 2018 and was an active contributor to the development of the Scottish ARISE (Arthroplasty Rehabilitation In Scotland Endeavour) Programme Database.  She has been an ARISE steering group member since 2021. In 2020, she led the development of the successful day case and short stay arthroplasty programme at The New Stobhill Hospital in the wake of the COVID pandemic which she continues to monitor and develop. She has recently taken on the role of Anaesthetic Lead for Day Surgery and the New Stobhill Hospital with a view to continuing to broaden the opportunities for day surgery across all specialities in North Glasgow.

She has been a member of BADS council since September 2023.