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Trust Performance

How well is your Trust performing? Compare your Trust's performance against other Trusts nationally

Data has been provided by NHS Improvement and enables trusts to look up their day case rates for the procedures within the BADS Directory of Procedures.

Please click on the Model Health System link to view your Trust day case performance rates.

Once logged into the Model Health System click on Day Cases for your Trust's day case rates at a Trust level or by speciality. 

It developed the first hospital benchmarking service (iCompare) and has grown to provide support and solutions for the enhanced delivery of service quality, safety and efficiency. In 1999 it received UKAS accreditation as a certifying body. Activities range from online healthcare performance and governance tools, NHS hospital benchmarking and international accreditation programmes, to bespoke consultancy.

BADS and CHKS have an ongoing data collaboration providing contemporaneous information about English NHS Trust day surgery performance, which is published annually, The BADS Directory of Procedures National Dataset, to provide information which individual trusts and commissioners of services can use to review and optimise their performance.

It shows the day surgery performance of the top achieving 5%, 25% and 50% of hospitals for all the operations listed in the BADS Directory of Procedures, potential release of inpatient beds and from June 2021, cost savings achieved by maximising day case rates.