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Our handbooks provide practical advice and solutions when establishing day surgery pathways. The BADS Directory of Procedures lists recommended day case rates for over 200 operations and the BADS Directory of Procedures National Dataset shows national day surgery performance by procedure and potential gains by maximising this.

BADS Handbooks

The British Association of Day Surgery handbooks provide practical advice on how to set up day surgery service, encompassing both generic and specialty specific information. They cover professional activities, including aspects of anaesthetic, surgical and nursing practice and organisational solutions relevant to implementing safe and efficient day surgery care.

Information for authors:
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BADS Directory of Procedures & National Dataset

The BADS Directory of Procedures provides recommended day case rates for over 200 surgical procedures, arranged by specialty and defined using OPCS coding. The rates quoted are arrived at by a combination of reported practice from leaders in their field, actual rates from Hospital Episode Statistics figures and expert opinion and most are achieved by one or more hospitals, although some are aspirational.

The National Dataset is produced in collaboration with Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems using their hospital benchmarking solution iCompare. It shows the day surgery performance of the top achieving 5%, and 50% of English hospitals for all the operations listed in the BADS Directory of Procedures, potential release of inpatient beds and cost savings achieved by maximising day case rates.

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National Day Surgery Delivery Pack 

The Getting It Right First Time (GiRFT) programme, the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) and British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) have together developed the National Day Surgery Delivery Pack, which contains key principals for increasing and improving day surgery rates across the NHS. 

National Day Surgery Delivery Pack


Core Competencies

Successful day surgery requires a day surgery team with the correct knowledge and skills to enable safe, early recovery and discharge but there is an absence of national guidance on supporting competencies. Applying in-patient competency criteria is inappropriate as this pathway is not aimed at promoting early discharge.

This joint publication between the AfPP and BADS provides recommendations for core competencies for adult day surgery through (1) admission, (2) anaesthetic room, (3) theatres, (4) first-stage recovery and (5) second-stage recovery and discharge. They are relevant for staff new to or after a long absence from day surgery and acknowledge some members of the day surgery team may include non-registered practitioners. All can be used as a reference for workbook competency documents in place or in development.

This competency document is the first of a series of three. Paediatric and specialist core competencies for day surgery will be published in early 2024.

Core Competencies for Adult Day Surgery