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Mr Edward Dunstan

Council Member

Mr Edward Dunstan

NHS Fife

  • Orthopaedic Consultant NHS Fife 2007-date
  • Clinical Lead ERAS NHS Fife 2008-date
  • Clinical Lead Orthopaedics NHS Fife 2010-15
  • Director of Surgery NHS Fife 2016-2019
  • Chair Day Surgery Working Group NHS Fife 2016-2019
  • Chair Scottish Committee for Orthopaedics and Trauma 2016-2020
  • Council British Orthopaedic Association 2016-2020
  • Clinical Lead South East Scotland Trauma Network 2017-date
  • Appraisal Lead Secondary Care NHS Fife
  • Specialty Advisor to the Chief Medical Officer (Scotland)

I have a specific interest in Day Case Hip Replacements and after visiting Copenhagen in August 2018 set up a programme in Fife leading to the first successful planned Day Case replacement being performed in Scotland in November of that year. Since then we have hosted several visits from other Health Boards to learn the technique and offer support and guidance.

Recent Presentations:

Day Case Hip Replacement Surgery, BADS, Edinburgh 14/319

Day Case Hip Replacement Surgery, Healthcare Conferences UK, London 5/4/19

Day Case Hip Replacement Surgery, The Ripple Effect, QIST, London 30/4/19

Day Case Total Hip Replacement, Healthcare Conferences UK, 04/11/20

I believe I have much to offer the council of BADS, especially from an Orthopaedic perspective, when it comes to ERAS together with driving and spreading the best practice that is Day Surgery for the benefit of patients.