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Day-Case Laparascopic Partial Gastrectomies in Adults: A two year study at a University Teaching Hospital

Gulz Dhanoya

Gulzar Dhanoya1, Shameen Jaunoo2
1University Hospitals Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom. 2East Sussex NHS Trust, Eastbourne, United Kingdom


Day-case surgeries allow patients to return home on the same day after undergoing their surgical procedure, allowing shorter inpatient stays, reduced hospital costs and reduced risk of hospital acquired infections amongst other benefits. Laparoscopic partial gastrectomy (LPG) is the most popular treatment option for small gastrointestinal stromal tutors (GISTS) and other benign stomach lesions. Little research however, has been done to investigate the safety and efficacy of performing LPGs in ambulatory centres as day cases. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety of day-case LPG procedures as a more desirable alternative to admitting patients to hospital >24hrs post LPG surgery. We wanted to use the data collected over a two-year period in our university teaching hospital to investigate patient, or other factors which might facilitate a safe same-day discharge. This was done by comparing the post-op complications and 30-day readmission rates between patients who underwent day-case procedures, and those who were admitted to hospital >24hrs post surgery. Results showed no significant difference in complications or readmission rates between the two groups of patients. Day-case LPG has the potential to become the primary treatment pathway for low-risk patients suffering from small GISTs and benign stomach lesions, as it will save valuable hospital resources and costs, with no added post-operative complications.