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BADS Day Surgery Project Grant 2024

British Association of Day Surgery Day Surgery Project Grant - A multidisciplinary opportunity.


The BADS Day Surgery Project Grant offers financial support to individuals or teams aiming to improve day surgery practices in the UK or abroad. This grant, provided by the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS), assists in various projects, including research initiatives, travel expenses, or funding for local practice development within day surgery units.

Recipients of the grant are required to share their project outcomes at the annual BADS Day Surgery Conference, promoting knowledge exchange and educational advancement within the field.


The grant is exclusively available to members of the British Association of Day Surgery.

Applicants can be any part of the multidisciplinary team involved in day surgery, which includes doctors, nursing staff, allied health professionals, and managers. Both individuals and entire teams are eligible to apply for the grant, with the number of awards granted being determined at the discretion of the BADS Council.

Non-members of BADS are not eligible to apply for this grant, emphasizing the importance of membership within the association for accessing such opportunities to enhance day surgery practices.

Application Process

To apply for the day surgery grant, applicants must prepare and submit a detailed proposal outlining their intended project work. The proposal should adhere to the guidelines provided on the application form, which includes a breakdown of expected costs, ethical committee approval (if applicable), and the total amount requested (up to a maximum of £1000).

Each award amount is decided by the BADS Council based on the merits of the proposal. Applicants are required to submit their proposals via email to bads@bads.co.uk using the designated application form available on the BADS website.

Judging Criteria

All proposals received before the closing date are evaluated by members of the BADS Council. Proposals are judged based on the criteria outlined in the application form, which may include factors such as the significance of the project, its potential impact on day surgery practices, feasibility of the proposed work, and adherence to ethical guidelines.

The BADS Council reserves the right to decide whether or not to award a grant based on the quality and relevance of the proposals received. This ensures that grants are allocated to projects that demonstrate a clear potential for improving day surgery practices and contributing to the advancement of the field.

Knowledge Sharing Requirement

A precondition of receiving the grant is the commitment to attend the annual BADS Day Surgery Conference the following year to present the outcomes of the funded project and write a report for publication in BADS's Journal of One Day Surgery. This requirement ensures that recipients share their experiences and findings with fellow professionals, facilitating knowledge dissemination and educational opportunities for others within the day surgery community. By presenting their project outcomes, recipients contribute to the collective learning and development of best practices in day surgery, aligning with the educational objectives of the grant.


The BADS Day Surgery Project Grant presents a valuable opportunity for members of the British Association of Day Surgery to receive financial support for projects aimed at enhancing day surgery practices. By funding research initiatives, travel expenses, and local practice development, the grant fosters innovation and improvement within the field. Recipients are not only provided with financial assistance but also encouraged to share their experiences and learnings with peers at the annual BADS Day Surgery Conference, promoting knowledge exchange and educational advancement within the day surgery community.


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