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BADS Day Surgery Project Grant 2024

British Association of Day Surgery Day Surgery Project Grant - A multidisciplinary opportunity.

What is it?

A financial award made to an individual or team to aid with any project that will result in an improvement in day surgery practice, either in the UK or abroad. This can be a research project, or to help with travel costs or funding for a day surgery unit study project or local practice development.

A precondition of the Educational Grant is that those who receive it will attend the annual BADS Day Surgery Conference the following year and present the outcomes of their project so that their experience can be shared and educationally others can learn from it.

Who can apply?

Applications are open ONLY to BADS members (an application received from a non-member will not be considered.)

The award is open to any member(s) of the multi-disciplinary team (including doctors, nursing staff and allied health professionals, managers), or a whole team who wish to be considered for financial assistance. More than one award may be granted at the discretion of the Council.

How do I apply?

By submitting a proposal for the work you intend to undertake. This should be presented using guidelines indicated on the application form. The proposal should include ethical committee approval where this is appropriate and a breakdown of expected costs and the total sum applied for (up to a maximum of £1000 but each award to be decided upon by BADS council). BADS will usually grant 3 or more awards per year depending on the decision on final amounts granted to each project.
This should be submitted by email to bads@bads.co.uk using the application form.

How will I be judged?

Members of the BADS Council will judge any proposals submitted before the closing date, according to the criteria set out on the application form. The Council reserves the right not to award a grant.


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