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Complex Major Thyroid Surgery in Day Surgery: Our Experience in a Single Centre

Helena Hanschell

Helena Hanschell1, Gabriele Galata1, Patrick Klang1, Assef Jawaada1, Jonathan Hubbard2,1, Klaus-Martin Schulte1,3
1Kings College Hospital, London, United Kingdom. 2Guys & St. Thomas' Hospital, London, United Kingdom. 3Australian National University, Canberra, Australia



Day case thyroidectomy is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, following careful patient selection and close post-operative monitoring. However, complex major thyroid surgery, specifically hemithyroidectomy with level VI lymph node dissection, is not routinely performed in the day surgery setting for fear of post-operative complications including haematoma and hypocalcaemia. This study aims to determine the safety and feasibility of hemithyroidectomy with level VI lymph node dissection in the day surgery setting at our tertiary centre.


Retrospective data collection was performed to identify patients who underwent hemithyroidectomy and level VI lymph node dissection between December 2020 and April 2024 at Kings College Hospital for suspected or confirmed thyroid cancer.


A total of 19 patients were included in the study, with a mean age of 46 +/- 20 years. Of these, 79% were female and 37% were left sided. 7 of these patients were operated on in our day surgery unit. Of the patients who underwent a day case operation, 100% were discharged home on the same day. Discharge of patients on the same day with no complications or readmission was achieved in 100% of cases.


Our study shows that complex major thyroid surgery is safe and feasible in the day surgery setting.