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Day Case Emergency General Surgery: A joint BADS/HCUK On-Demand Conference

This On Demand virtual course will provide an excellent opportunity to hear from experts from BADS and specialist units across the UK Back

On-Demand conferences allow instant online access to a number of our recent events featuring video presentations, accompanying slides and resources. Purchasing an On-Demand event offers you the opportunity to view the conference content in your own time, at your own pace for 3 months.

Day Surgery has become the standard of care for the majority of elective surgery. Until recently the drive to move from inpatient to day surgery management has been mainly directed at elective surgery, however, day surgery pathways for a range of emergency surgical procedures have now been successfully implemented in a number of units across the country.

This course will be of interest to those with medical, nursing and managerial backgrounds.  We shall hear from centres who have developed dedicated emergency ambulatory units and those where individual pathways have transformed practice. Practical examples of how to set up ambulatory surgical pathways will be shared as well as lectures bringing up to date guidance on the essential components of a day surgery pathway and current advice on patient selection for day surgery.

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