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BADS publications now online and free of charge to members

We are pleased to announce that BADS membership benefits have been expanded to include free online access to all our current and future publications Back

Publications presently available to members include all our handbooks and the Directory of Procedures Dataset (Calendar Year 2022). Please login as a member and access via either the 'For Members' or 'Publications' page, where they can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF. Non-members will still be able to purchase the handbooks in our online shop.

Current handbooks available:

The BADS Directory of Procedures will also be free to members but is currently being updated in advance of its online publication. In the future it will be combined with the National Dataset in one volume. This will be ready shortly and we will notify members when it is available.

If you have any queries or comments, please contact the BADS office by email at: bads@bads.co.uk.