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Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) metrics for anaesthesia and perioperative medicine (APOM) updated on the Model Health System (MHS)

GIRFT metrics for APOM, which can help NHS teams increase their day surgery rates, have been updated on the Model Health System Back

Metrics for APOM have been added to the MHS platform as GIRFT builds on its work to support elective recovery by reducing waiting lists.

Users can register at https://model.nhs.uk/ and navigate to the GIRFT clinical metrics compartment for APOM, or click here to go directly to the GIRFT APOM metrics if you already have an account.

The new metrics are drawn from the GIRFT national report for APOM, which was shared with NHS teams across England in 2021. The report recommended that perioperative and surgical teams should take responsibility for driving and delivering a culture of day case as the default option for many procedures, to significantly increase rates and help tackle the surgical backlog resulting from COVID-19.

GIRFT’s APOM data on the MHS aligns closely with the metrics and standards set by BADS, reflecting the collaborative relationship between the two organisations. The new compartment features more than 100 cross-cutting metrics to support improvement across the three pathways – day case, elective and emergency surgery – allowing trust and system users to see their performance in areas such as the percentage of emergency and non-elective patients receiving surgery on the day of admission or length of stay for patients over 70. Frailty, deprivation and co-morbidity information is also included.