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BADS Releases New Publications: Core Competencies & Wide Awake Local Anaesthetic, No Tourniquet. Technique, Uses & Guidance

BADS are pleased to announce two new publications Back

Core Competencies

Successful day surgery requires a day surgery team with the correct knowledge and skills to enable safe, early recovery and discharge but there is an absence of national guidance on supporting competencies.

This competency document is the first of a series of three. Paediatric and specialist core competencies for day surgery will be published later this year.

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Wide Awake Local Anaesthetic, No Tourniquet. Technique, Uses and Guidance

Wide Awake Local Anaesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT) is a surgical technique that is gaining popularity internationally for hand and wrist surgery in particular but may be used in surgery for other peripheral areas e.g. the foot and ankle.  Its use has become increasingly widespread in the UK, particularly since 2017.  One of the pre-requisites for these types of surgery is a bloodless field. Traditionally this is accomplished with the use of a pneumatic or mechanical tourniquet. It is difficult for an unsedated individual to tolerate a tourniquet for more than twenty minutes, requiring general or regional anaesthesia simply for the tourniquet pain, rather than the surgery.

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